Personalized Photo Books – an Excellent Gift for Your Loved One

We all have memories in our life that we wish to cherish for a lifetime. From the birth of a new member in our family to weddings and touring with family and friends or just spending some great time in the company of your loved ones, there are countless moments that we want to immortalize. But, unfortunately, time never pauses nor you can keep it in your control. Good time or bad time, it will pass with you just beholding it slip away. Thanks to photography, however, we can easily capture the beautiful and memorable moments of our life and keep them safe to look back in time and admire those days that have gone by years ago. There are many ways to keep your favourite photographs safe and intact for many more years to come and one of these is the Personalised Photo Books.


At GK Vale, we strive to make your photo album a pride possession that you would want to hold dear for the rest of your life. Our Personalised Photo Books are amazing in the sense that you can have them printed in a theme that you prefer and with photographs arranged in a sequence and style that you prefer. Give your valentine a reason to smile and feel special as you gift him/ her a photo book with your and her/ his awesome photographs. There is nothing more durable and long lasting than love and a bond that is made in love. You may express your heartfelt love and affection towards your spouse, parents, kids and friends with Personalised Photo Books that we will create for you.

Add a Splash of Colours to Your Life This Holi with Photo Albums Online

Holi is just round the corner and colours are all that seem to be ruling the entire country. Give your family a pleasant surprise this festive season by printing your Holi photographs with our photo albums online. Make every colour shine and shimmer more than ever before with photographs printed on your chosen album design at GK Vale.


Besides personalised Photo Albums Online, GK Vale also offers candid photography for various occasions and you can count on us for delivering outstanding value for your money. Photography is not just a job that we do but it is a passion that we religiously follow and this is quite evident from our unnerving and never-ending quest for constant improvement in what we master in and that is nothing but photography. We have been in photography and photo printing businesses for over a hundred years and that is a valid and good reason for you to trust us as standing tall and high amidst so much competition isn’t easy at all.  Outstanding quality, expertise, creative approach, and technical competence are the strong and reliable pillars on which photography industry stands and we are happy that we are regarded as one of the masters in this arena throughout Bangalore as well as the rest of the country. Kindly have a look at our photo album designs and themes to choose the design for your personalized album.