Photo Greeting Cards & Calendars-an Excellent Way to Flaunt Your Cherished Images

They say that the time once elapsed never return and you can never live the moments if once lost. However, thanks to the photography technology, anyone can now look back in time and in a very pleasant manner enjoy the same rush of emotions and feelings that he/ she experienced years ago. These are the photographs that allow us an opportunity to feel young and rejuvenated once again without having to work really hard for it.

Memories are our best friends

Certainly they are and that is the reason why we all love to keep the best things and sweetest memories with us for a lifetime. Thanks to photography, it is so easy to cherish the most loved and blissful moments of life with us for years and years to come. Modern age is the age of technology and internet and you have the convenience of managing a huge collection of photographs on handy gadgets and tools such as digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops, notebooks and more. While these enable an avid photographer to capture the most fascinating of moments and things around in their camera while they are on a go, sometimes we all wish that there should be a collection of our best of the best pictures in printed form that we can touch and hang on the wall or simply keep in the drawers of our wardrobe to view and appreciate whenever desired so.

However, getting a photograph printed and then buying a photo album to set those pictures may turn out to be a costly proposition for most of us. The latest trend is that of printing photo greeting cards online. Sometimes, we wish there was a less costlier and better way to compile our collection of favorite photographs without having to compromise on the quality of digital photo printing.


Order a Photo Calendar Online

Thankfully, you can now ensure that the best of your photos look simply amazing without having to spend a hefty amount on it. Unlike traditional photo printing, printing of photo calendar online is a relatively inexpensive option to get your digital photos printed on best quality paper with the best quality ink.


Modern digital calendar prints are light weight and you do not need to really worry about their wear and tear. Even a kid in the house can easily handle them and enjoy viewing pictures in it.

With GK Vale offering outstanding flipbook printing, photo book and photo calendar online, you can now save your time, effort as well as money on ordering your photo book print. GK Vale has over 100 years of presence in the photography industry in Bangalore and you can expect truly outstanding services whether you talk about photo printing or photography and video graphy or photo greeting cards online.


So, do not waste time further as the New Year and Christmas is just round the corner and you would surely want your family, friends and relatives to celebrate these occasions with you. Choose your best pictures or have them clicked at GK Vale studio and we will be happy to have them printed on calendar or greeting card for you!

Get Your Best Pictures Printed on Greeting Cards This New Year!

We all love the idea of being appreciated for our looks, sense of dressing up, mannerism and style. If you look back in history, you will easily find records about ancient people also getting decked up to the best and having their images carved or painted on different materials – ranging from stones and metals to papers. Kings and queens, emperors and empresses, and those with immense wealth as well as those who could not be so fortunate in financial matters -s almost everyone has shown their love for being photographed.

The love for self-appreciation is eternal and will stay as long humans are on the planet. Looking in the mirror and praising our own looks is also a reflection of our love towards our own self. Perhaps, it is human’s innate desire to look great perpetually that resulted in the invention of photo camera decades ago. Since then, there has been no looking behind if you talk about the technology and the newer inventions in the word of photography. Portrait printing has travelled a long way before becoming so easy and efficient as it is now. While earlier painters and sketchers would take days and months to have one portrait right, thanks to portrait photography, today it is a matter of a few minutes to click the best portrait picture and then printing it is also quite a lot faster than ever before.

Besides portrait photography, personalized greeting cards also are an excellent way to flaunt your most favourite pictures before your guests and relatives. You can now have your portrait clicked and printed on greeting cards to distribute among your loved ones so remember you every time they see that card. At GK Vale, only the best quality materials and ink is used for the printing of greetings and portraits. We have been in the photography industry for more than a century and from traditional black and white cameras to modern DSLR and high capacity cameras, our photographers are quite adept at handling all of the high quality photography devices.

You may visit our Bangalore photo studio for truly outstanding photography with your family and / or friends. We offer printing of personalizd photo books as well. Let us help you make you add liveliness, colors and vibrancy to your most cherished portrait. Let’s add a touch of class and magnificent to your pictures.

Just walk in at the earliest for Personalized Greeting Cards’ printing at GK Vale’s photo studio and get ready to feel great as you come home happy with your family talking how amazing and humble our photography experts were at their job and how they made even that mischievous toddler in the family behave so nicely when the photograph was being clicked.


At GK Vale, it is our commitment to ensure that all our esteemed patrons and visitors get the best and most satisfactory photo printing, photography and video graphy services they expect us to render them.So, if you have also been dillydallying to have your photo shot and printed by the experts in India or if you are looking for Personalized Photo Books, greeting cards and more, then GK Vale is the address that you must note down and head for right away!