Personalised Photo Mug – a Perfect Gift for Someone You Love

Choosing a perfect gift for someone you love and care for is a tough task. You want the best gift for your loved one so that he/ she can admire months and years afterwards. If quality plus emotions is what you want to blend for someone special in your life, then probably you would better go for a personalised gift such as a personalized photo mug than something ready to buy or give away.

Save Your Time, Effort & Money by Ordering Online

You may consider ordering Personalised Photo Mugs Online to save your time and effort while ensuring that you get the best quality printed mugs at most reasonable price. At GK Vale, we are committed to bringing the best value for your money as you order your personalized photo mugs, pillows, photo frames, tiles, UV crystals, clock, puzzles, keychain and other personalised gifts in India with us.


Easy and Quick

Ordering your Personalised Photo Mugs Online with GK Vale is easier than walking down to the local photo printing studio. All you need to do is upload the photograph or image that you want to have printed on the mug and then make the right adjustments as you would want the image to appear on the mug. You can easily preview the photo mug before finally placing the order and readjust the photo as desired. The adjustments and changes can be done as many times as you feel like before you finally order the print.

Choosing GK Vale for ordering your Personalized Gifts in India would be your best bet if you want your gift to be admired and appreciated by your loved ones. At GK Vale, we use only the finest quality inks, printing materials and latest tools and techniques to deliver truly superior quality prints to all our esteemed customers.

GK Vale- a Trusted Name in Photo Printing and Photography in India for a Century

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You may count on us for outstanding printing of photos on personalised gifts as well as printing of your favourite family photograph, your baby’s adorable pictures, your wedding photographs, and portfolio photo prints. We specialize in photography, videography and photo printing and have been in this trade for over a hundred years now. Our patrons recommend us due to the quality and worthwhile experience they had with GK Vale. Please do visit our website or walk in to our studio in Bangalore’s posh location at your most convenient time and day.

Count on Us for Outstanding Online Photo Printing

We all have few photographs that are really close to our heart for a number of reasons such as the people in those pictures, the panorama they showcase, the moment they recall, and the memories attached with them or sometimes it could be just a cool or beautiful look that made you feel great. Such photographs are a sort of artwork or memoir that we want to cherish for the rest of our lives and we truly want them to last for years and years so that our kids and grandkids can see and appreciate them after many years from the time they were taken.

With GK Vale’s online photo printing services, you may now have your favorite and prized photographs printed with the best quality inks, paper and other printing materials available under the Sun. We are always working towards improving our quality of photo printing and this is the reason that makes us number one choice of photo printing connoisseurs for so many years. The time frame of a hundred years is not a small one and our presence in the photography and photo printing industry all these years has helped us further improve our skills and work up on our photo printing techniques.

Our online photo printing services are admired and revered by our existing and happy clients and mostly our present or past clients recommend others to also visit our studio for ensuring the best of printing for their cherished photos. From the printing of Photo Album Online to personalised gift printing such as pillows printing, coffee mugs printing, personlised photo cushions and more, our printing services are amongst the best in the country.

6th April

In modern age of digital photography where everything is just a click or touch away, nobody likes the idea of taking the pains of traditional style of printing. Thanks to Online Photo Printing, now you can have your favorite photographs printed by the experts without having to step out, sweat or bear the harshness of weather. Just click and upload the photographs that you would like to have printed on paper or on the photo book that can be flaunted later on before your family and friends.

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We use only the best quality printing materials such as colors, inks and paper and you may trust completely on us when it comes to the long life and durability of the photos that we print for you. While we specialize in all sorts of photography such as candid wedding photography, birthday photo shoot, baby photo shoot, pre wedding photo shoot, portraits photo shoot, and more, our photo printing services are equally liked and preferred by most of our repeat client who trust only us whenever there is a moment that they want to freeze to be able to cherish for the rest of their lifetime.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our outstanding photo printing services, upload the pictures that are really close to your heart and simply place the order for printing them.